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New Faster Broadband Speeds

We will be changing some of our products and prices from 1st November 2011.

Published: 19/09/2011 13:22:05   Author: Smallworld Cable   Comments (17)

Product and Price changes

We will be changing some of our products and prices from 1st November 2011. In particular we will be increasing the speeds of some of our fibre optic broadband products. We are also adding new TV channels over the coming months, with eight new channels added in September and more to come this Autumn.


We are upgrading the speeds of the fibre optic broadband within our Supersaver packages. We are doubling the speed of our Basic Broadband, whilst the 20mb speed will be increased to 30mb. The new Supersaver packages are:

Supersavers, Broadband Speed. Basic, Variety £18, Family £23, Ultimate £28, VIP £53. 30MB, Variety £25, Family £30, Ultimate £35, VIP £60. 50MB, Variety £30, Family £35, Ultimate £40, VIP £65

Fibre optic broadband

  •  Basic broadband will be doubled in speed to 8Mb and will remain at £5.99pm.
  •  20mb fibre optic broadband will become 30mb and will remain at £13pm.
  •  Our 50Mb fibre optic broadband is reduced from £25pm to £19pm.
  •  We will be increasing upload speeds to one tenth of download speeds.  [Basic: 800kb/s;   30Mb: 3Mb/s; 50Mb: 5Mb/s)

HD TV packages

We are committed to adding substantially to the number of channels available as part of these packages, with new standard definition and high definition channels launching over the coming few months following the eight new channels launched in September. This will include the launch of Sky One HD, Sky Living HD and Sky Arts HD as part of the Ultimate HD TV Pack.

To support this investment in new channels the price of our HD TV packs will increase. Variety HD TV will now be £18pm, Family HD TV will be £23pm and Ultimate HD TV will be £28 pm.


Telephone line rental will increase to £13.90pm (still less than the BT price of £14.60 from December 2011). The cost of making a daytime UK landline call to 01, 02 and 03 numbers will increase to 7.6ppm (BT 7.95ppm from December 2011). The call set up fee will increase to 13p.  Full details are available on

Old packages

Many of our old products have not increased in price for many years, apart from the rise in VAT.  We will reluctantly increase the TV and broadband elements of these packages by 3% from November – still substantially less than inflation. Telephone line rental and calls will rise as described above. Please call customer services or check our website for details of our new packages - we have improved our packages and reduced our prices substantially over the last year.

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08/11/2011 13:09:42 Admin

We're planning to launch Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD this Christmas, but are still waiting final contract signature with BSkyB. It should be confirmed next week. Thanks

27/10/2011 15:30:24 david campbell
Hi,I,m now on 20Mb broadband will i automatically be upgraded to 30Mb on 1st Nov.,or do i have to call customer services to be upgraded?

26/10/2011 17:22:57 Darren
you could please tell me if u service this area yet LA1 3DL Melrose Street there are cable points in the ground but cant see any1 using them

26/10/2011 14:46:35 Alfie
Hear Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD are to be launched in December / New Year?

23/10/2011 10:34:57 Michael
Please would you be kind enough to answer my original question posted over 4 weeks ago?

When are we getting Sky Sports or Movies in HD? I would happily add these to my subscription, but SD football on a 42 inch screen is absolutely rubbish!

19/10/2011 15:27:43 Johnny
Brilliant and fully answered, thank you for taking the time! I see no reason to delay, you'll have a new signup shortly. And at those speeds I'll be able to get on with my evil genius plan to download the whole internet. :-p

Thanks for the clarity :)

19/10/2011 14:36:44 Admin

Thanks for your post, I'll try and answer all your questions...

1) Our network is Hybrid Fibre / Coax...fibre to the last 300 homes and then high capacity copper coax. Our network is built much closer to the home than Virgin Media's (typically 800 to 2000 homes per node), and is a relatively new network. The speed performance is widely held to be excellent, but we can put you in touch with some customers directly. Or you can post on to the smallworld section on and see if you get feedback. Upload speeds are increasing to 3Mb and 5Mb on the 30Mb and 50Mb products from November.

2) Most prople prefer Netgear, but you can have a D-Link if you prefer...they are becoming our standard issue.

3) We do not employ any traffic management. We may in the future (we have the same kit as VM) but would prefer not to. We operate at about 40-50% capacity at peak. We expect customers to get on average 80 -100% of speed quoted, but obviously cannot guarantee it. We do plan for large spare capacity.

4) The current speed of Basic is 4Mb and will be increasing to 8Mb

5) There is a separate business tariff, which is currently being looked at.

6) If you pay an install fee then we could provide an exit mechanism, or you could come into an office and see the bb for yourself. I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Hope that helps

17/10/2011 23:48:25 Johnny
Hello. Thinking of joining, but can you clear some points for me please? Would have emailed, but I see you guys do reply to posts here for everybody's benfit so;

Is your service true fibre-optic to the premises, or is it actually hybrid fibre/copper where the last stretch is normal copper cable? Just curious how you've implemented. Hey, 30 and 50Mbps are the important numbers!

Your current promo material is clearly showing a D-Link router, but a call to ask about prices today tells me you're actually sending out a Netgear. I'd rather use a D-Link over a Netgear any day, especially for WIFI - What exact model of router are you in fact supplying for new BB installs right now please?

Do you operate any kind of traffic shaping or service throttling on any download/upload types? Or do we get pretty much full steam for everything 24hrs? And on that, what would you say are the typical realistic practical speeds on each service?

You say above that the speed of Basic Broadband is doubling on the 1st Nov - and also that it's currently 8Mb. So it's going up to 16Mbps from 1st Nov?

I run a business from home and broadband is vital. If I find the service isn't up to scratch in the first month of use, can I get out? I'm sure it'll be fine but I need to ask just in case. Wouldn't be the first time in the last decade I've changed BB suppliers and found them weak, you see.

Do you have a community/users forum? I can't see anything obvious on your main site.

Thanks for your time!

17/10/2011 16:03:16 Steffie
Great post with lots of imopratnt stuff.

12/10/2011 16:30:24 Admin

I'm sorry you've gone. Our prices are lower than Sky across the board, so I am surprised by your comments. We have brought our prices down this year - maybe you were on an old package? And we have just reduced our 50Mb fibre optic broadband to £19pm. If you are comparing our 50Mb supersaver price to Sky then of course we will be a little higher - because you are on our top of the range broadband speed, which Sky cannot match. Our Basic broadband is free with HD TV packs and is an unlimited 8Mb fibre optic broadband product. If you have second thoughts then of course we'd love to have you back.

11/10/2011 17:26:49 george
I left smallworld and went to sky Best thing i did apart from loosing 50 mb i get hd and its cheaper

04/10/2011 13:39:21 Admin

All 20Mb, 25Mb and 30Mb customers will move on to the new speed profile of 30Mb / 3mb. To change package you need to contact Customer Services. Or get an HD Supersaver and save even more money.

01/10/2011 00:14:39 david campbell
HI,i have 25Mb fibre optic broadband costing £20 per month.From November 1st you are charging £13 per month for 30Mb fibre optic broadband.i also have phone line rental of £12.50 per month.Could you therefore put me on 30Mb broadband from 1st November for £13,as it is unfair that i should have to pay £20 a month for 25Mb broadband.I shall look forward to hearing from you.yours David Campbell Troon Account number 1019825

24/09/2011 01:02:38 Michael
When are we getting Sky Sports or Movies in HD? I would happily add these to my subscription, but SD football on a 42 inch screen is absolutely rubbish!

22/09/2011 13:41:41 Smallworld
If you email me at with your details I can check what package you were put on, and with what deal, and then come back to you more specifically.

22/09/2011 13:36:57 Smallworld
The prices do not change until 1st November. Most of the prices are going down. And the upload speeds are going up from 1.5Mb/s to 5Mb/s on the 50Mb product. Basic broadband is doubling in speed. 20Mb broadband is going to 30Mb.

21/09/2011 17:45:17 Lewis
i was quoted £74.50 for an all in VIP package.
It has gone up to £77.90 BUT your site quotes that prices are cheaper???
AND due to go up 1st November but my price has gone up 21st September.
That's very poor to say the least.